Imagine, you go on holiday and off course you want to take your jewellery with you. Certainly if you are a light traveler, jewellery is an easy way to make your outfit a little bit different and still stunning.

But nothing is as annoying as your necklaces or bracelets that are tangled. After all, you are busy for an hour to properly disassemble the jewellery. Grrr .. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Do you want to prevent it? We have a super handy tip for you! 


You choose your jewellery carefully. Probable your chains and bracelets are in a knot and with extreme patience (read a lot of frustration) you take the chains apart and with a lot of love you put the chains in a box, bag or side pocket of your bag.

First night out at destination and in good spirit you open the bag. Guess what, one big tangled let’s call it – jewellery.

Do you want to prevent this? We have the solution! Take a straw (preferably from recycled material or bamboo). Watch this video and you will never again have trouble with jewelry after traveling! Ideal right?

Ana Dyla ethical jewellery for the soul. The essence of Ana Dyla is shining with jewellery, letting your personality speak and daring to make a statement for a more beautiful world. Take a look at our collection! With every piece you purchase, you support us creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide. We love to share inspiration and honest lifestyle belongings for conscious and joyful living.


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