Yesss, it’s summer! We have wonderful sunny days and for many of you there is a vacation planned for the coming weeks! Are you going on vacation this summer? Going on holiday is nice, but packing is a struggle for many. What goes in your suitcase? How do you ensure that you don’t take too much or less with you. Jewellery is an easy way to finish your outfit but also to make your outfit a bit different. Ideal for the light travelers for sure.




Capsule jewellery

Which jewellery do you take with you on vacation?
We already post a poll about it on Instagram, which jewellery do you take with you on vacation? All your jewellery or do you choose 1 set? Most of you voted for one set. But of course you can also make a combination or a jewellery capsule for your holiday. You might know it from a capsule wardrobe, a few key items that you can endless combine. Why wouldn’t you do that with jewellery?

To make your choice of jewellery that will go in your suitcase, there are a number of things to note.

  • What kind of vacation is it? Are you going backpacking, camping, all-in or a city trip? In other words, can you safely store your jewellery in a locker or is that a bit more difficult.
  • What are you going to do? Are there special moments planned during your vacation, for example a wedding, business occasions? Chlorine, sand, sea and sunscreen do no good to your jewellery. Do you still want to wear jewellery in the water? Then take the following into account: Chlorinated water; only gold and silver jewellery with stones such as diamond, sapphire, quartz. Clear transparent stones can generally withstand this, except moonstone.
    Do you want something to wear in the sea? Then choose gold jewellery without stones. Silver can turn black in some seawaters. Lakes or rivers you can generally wear all your jewellery. Be careful with the stones.


How do you take them with you?
Take your jewellery in a separate bag, pouch or pouch so that they do not get damaged or lost. Do not put your jewellery in your makeup bag. The fat and pigments of your makeup can seriously damage your jewellery.Read here how you can prevent your chains from getting tangled.

We are very curious which jewellery you will take with you on holiday! Share it in your stories on Instagram and tag us @anadylahq. We would love to share!


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