The advantage of an abundance of bloggers is that we have an overdose of inspiration. The change makers in the blogger world are bloggers who have made a conscious choice for sustainability. A few years ago I personally made the choice to opt more for sustainable. Although I am equally familiar with sustainable fashion, I often find it difficult to find beautiful, durable items. That is why I started looking for inspiration and would like to share these 4 conscious fashionbloggers with you.



Fair Friday

Two Dutch girls with a passion for honest fashion and a sustainable lifestyle. They share a lot about sustainable brands and outfits. A refreshingly everyday blog with many easily applicable tips. Every step is one right? Follow Anne & Elrike on instagram. (Photo in the first paragraph of this blog. Credits for: Leonnephotography
Locatie: Heerenhuisch).

Gabrielle Koster

Gabrielle is a freelance writer for ELLE and others and shares a lot about #mindbodysoul and her journey for a more sustainable life, fashion, travel and beauty! Follow Gabrielle on instagram.


Lets talk slow

Stephanie of Let’s talk slow is passionate about sustainable fashion, eco travel, vintage interior and vegan. A pleasure to follow if you want to start a sustainable lifestyle. Last year Stephanie released her e-book in which she helps you make your existing wardrobe more sustainable in no time. We’ve had great collaborations with Stephanie and you can follow her on instagram.

Read more sustainable inspiration from Stephanie such as conscious shop tips in Amsterdam, 5 tips for a fair wardrobe and 5 Dutch sustainable brands.

Alisson Simmonds

Alisson aka a sustainable mess is an inspiration dose every day on Instagram. On instagram she appears anything but ‘messy’;) She shares a lot about a sustainable lifestyle and how you can nicely combine second-hand clothing with sustainable brands. Follow Alisson on instagram!


Do you know more inspiring sustainable fashion blogs?

Drop them in the comments below this blog. Super fun if we can inspire each other and put these change makers in the spotlight. And does it just happen to you to be a guest blogger for Ana Dyla? Send us an email, we would like to get in touch with you!

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