9 tips to wear

sustainable clothing

Buying sustainable clothing can be a real struggle, at least if you do not know how and where to start. Make it easier for yourself: with these tips sustainable shopping becomes fun!

It is clear that the fashion industry is ready for a big change. Production processes bring harm to people and the environment. The fad of fast fashion results in endless overconsumption. The documentary True cost shows the painful side of the fashion industry. I can hear you think, should we quit shopping’?

I know that shopping is fun, actually I can admit I love to shop. We all want to wear nice & beautiful clothes and it is simply a fun activity.

So let's quickly share the 10 tips to wear fun, fashionable and durable. Enjoy!

1 Buy less clothes

I understand that this is difficult, ‘buying less clothing’. Yet it is the most sustainable measure that you can take. Buy clothes when you really need it and then you realize that it can take quite a long time. Read here my story of one year not shopping (yes, I did it!). 

2 Detox your wardrobe (and mind)

Take a look at your wardrobe, how often do you wear every piece of clothing? Are there also clothes that you never actually wear or have never even worn? Would you miss them if they were suddenly gone? Case Marie Kondo, throw everything out of your wardrobe in a heap. Grab it one by one and ask yourself ‘does it sparke joy?’. With a yes you fold the garment and put it in your closet. A no is a say thank you & goodbye (we will come back to it later). You will notice that an empty wardrobe brings more peace, also in your mind.


3 Discover what suits you

Make it easy for yourself: analyze your figure, which color and models suits you well and what you like to wear. Do not look at what’s in fashion magazines, but see, buy and wear what’s right for you. You do not need flowers because it is in fashion if that is not your style at all. If you have discovered your style you will realize that you will buy a lot less and will certainly also spend less money. If you do not have to buy something new every six months, you have more money to spend on that one beautiful piece of clothing! That’s a big plus!

4 Make your wardrobe ready-to-wear

How frustrating when you stand in front of your closet and think ‘what do I need peace name!’. Time is ticking, you have to be on time for your appointment. You do one set after the other set and nothing feels good. You throw it in a pile and yes, you put on the set that you had twice already last week. The solution: make fixed sets or put garments together that are easy to combine.

5. Create your own style

    1. Provide a basis for good clothing (think of basics that can be combined). This can be supplemented with a number of striking examples that are not equally different.

      1. Shop really nice stuff

      Shop garments that make your heart beat faster. Garments that you know the holes should fall into before you want to take it out again. Do not buy clothes that look beautiful, but in the meantime it is made for only one season, or one party. Sustainable shopping is also: buying really nice items of really good quality. Sustainable may cost a little more but you will enjoy it much longer with a good feeling. It may not be the best thing to constantly look in the labels which material it is made so make it easy for yourself to shop with sustainable labels like People tree, Armedangels & Cossac.

    7. Shop vintage

      1. Sustainable & cheap? Buy second hand clothes! You can shop in so many nice ways, there are all kinds of nice vintage markets for example the Ijhallen or fun dress swap parties. You can also enjoy online shopping at under The Next Closet or United Wardrobe. And precisely because you do not know what you will find, this makes the search even more fun!

      8. Be creative

        1. Did you know that you are making happy substances in your brain from being creative? You enter your right brain, in a ‘flow’. So time to make your own clothes or the ‘get away pile’ from 1 can entertain you. How nice is it if you have creations that no one else has!

          1. Buy clothes with a nice story

          The closing is still, buy clothes with a beautiful story! Choose a world where you can make the difference, after all, you are what you wear!

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