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A fair wardrobe in 5 steps

A fair wardrobe in 5 steps

When the seasons are changing, I always feel the need to declutter my closet. The sun is already popping out, and...

Fashion Revolution 2018

The best Fashion Revolution Week Events!

It’s almost Fashion Revolution week! About 5 years ago the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in bangladesh, which killed 1138 people on 24th of April...

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About us

Hi! We’re Sernur (on the right) & Hatice (on the left). Sister entrepreneurs with a love for fair fashion, business and people. Fuelled with enthusiasm and drive that steers honest jewellery and messages into an ever changing industry. Making a statement with ethical jewellery & gemstones it’s our aim to make the world a better place.

Enjoy reading & please let us know your thoughts. With love!