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Ana Dyla shares inspiration and honest lifestyle belongings for conscious and joyful living. With every piece you purchase, you support us creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide.

Kısmet collection FW 2019

Kısmet collectie FW'19 When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kısmet, your destiny. The word kısmet comes from the Arabic word ḳismat, meaning “division, portion, lot.” You can think of kısmet as your lot in life,...

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10 steps you can take to reduce your footprint

Reduce your footprintDo you know how many hectares of land you use with your way of life? In other words: how large is your footprint? More and more people are paying attention to this issue and are immersing themselves in a lifestyle that is less stressful for the...

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Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewellery

Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewelleryAna Dyla is a sustainable jewellery label from the Netherlands. The essence of Ana Dyla is shining with honest jewellery, letting your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. For the production of our...

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Purifying negative Karma in 4 steps

Good karma "Yes good karma points scored", a statement that I hear regularly in my area. Do something good, to get something good back. But the concept of Karma cannot be explained that simply. Literally translated, Karma means "action" or "deed." It is related to the...

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Purify your Chakras with precious stones: # 1 Root Chakra

Root-chakraPrecious stones are known for their beneficial effect on body and mind. Depending on the type of stone you can use them to purify and balance your Chakras. In the coming period I will therefore put a different Chakra in the light every month. I tell you...

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Which jewellery do you take with you on vacation?

Vacation!Yesss, it's summer! We have wonderful sunny days and for many of you there is a vacation planned for the coming weeks! Are you going on vacation this summer? Going on holiday is nice, but packing is a struggle for many. What goes in your suitcase? How do you...

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The key to untangle necklaces!

Imagine, you go on holiday and off course you want to take your jewellery with you. Certainly if you are a light traveler, jewellery is an easy way to make your outfit a little bit different and still stunning. But nothing is as annoying as your necklaces or bracelets...

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Three full moon rituals to enrich your life

Full MoonWhen the full moon is in the sky, that is the ultimate moment to let go, to recharge yourself with new energy and to strengthen your intentions. With the power of the moon, which is at its strongest at that moment, you can enrich your own life through various...

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