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Ana Dyla shares inspiration and honest lifestyle belongings for conscious and joyful living. With every piece you purchase, you support us creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide.

Blood crystals or ethically mined gems?

Blood crystals or ethical gems?  For centuries, crystals have been seen as a source of magic and power for shamans and other healers. Precious stones are minerals, naturally occurring inorganic materials with a constant chemical composition and regular internal...

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4x Fair fashion blogs – the change makers in fashion!

Changemakers  The advantage of an abundance of bloggers is that we have an overdose of inspiration. The change makers in the blogger world are bloggers who have made a conscious choice for sustainability. A few years ago I personally made the choice to opt more for...

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How do you recognize real gems?

How do you recognize real gems?For centuries, crystals have been seen as a source of power for shamans and other healers. The magic is enchanting, although it is only from the beauty and color that nature gives us. Have you ever wondered where the crystals you buy...

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Pink tourmaline – love yourself first!

Love • Emotional balance • SelflovePink tourmaline reminds us that in order to love others, we must first love ourselves. You can use this stone to view yourself, your life and others with a positive mindset. This stone invokes your deepest sense of humanity. It...

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Kısmet collection FW 2019

Kısmet collectie FW'19 When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kısmet, your destiny. The word kısmet comes from the Arabic word ḳismat, meaning “division, portion, lot.” You can think of kısmet as your lot in life,...

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10 steps you can take to reduce your footprint

Reduce your footprintDo you know how many hectares of land you use with your way of life? In other words: how large is your footprint? More and more people are paying attention to this issue and are immersing themselves in a lifestyle that is less stressful for the...

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Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewellery

Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewelleryAna Dyla is a sustainable jewellery label from the Netherlands. The essence of Ana Dyla is shining with honest jewellery, letting your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. For the production of our...

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Purifying negative Karma in 4 steps

Good karma "Yes good karma points scored", a statement that I hear regularly in my area. Do something good, to get something good back. But the concept of Karma cannot be explained that simply. Literally translated, Karma means "action" or "deed." It is related to the...

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