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Silver or gold jewellery? 6 ways to determine which suits you best!

silver or gold jewellery

6 ways to determine which suits you best

recycled gold & silver

Do you like to wear gold or silver jewellery? Or maybe both? If you prefer to wear gold or silver, the shade you prefer to wear isn’t necessarily the shade that suits you best. There is one shade that suits to your your skin tone. Wondering which it is? We have 6 ways to find out which color suits you best.

If you don’t have a clear preference then it might be an idea to see what suits you best. Curious? Read on..

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gold or silver jewellery?

what shade do you have?


Have you ever noticed that your skin has an undertone? To determine whether gold or silver suits you, we look at your skin tone and the undertone of your skin. If your skin has a warm undertone then gold will suit your skin perfectly. If you have a cool undertone, silver is the right match.

summer sun

What does your face look like after a day in the sun without lubricating well? Are you completely red or even burnt? Then your skin has a cool undertone. Are you pleased with the sun and do you have beautiful sun-tanned skin after a day of sun? Then gold is your favorite!

How do you find out what undertone your skin has?

Your hair

Your natural hair color often indicates which undertone your skin has. Cool colors like gray, ash blonde, brown hair without red shades and black hair with a blue glow then silver is perfect for you. Warm hair colors like golden blonde, copper tones and brown then you are a warm type and made to shine with gold.


your eyes

Your eyes reveal the undertone of your skin. Do you have brown eyes? Then your skin has a warm undertone and it is best to choose gold. Do you have blue or green eyes? Then you have a cool undertone and silver will suit better on you.

your wardrobe 

Last but not least, the colors in your wardrobe also say a lot about the color of the jewellery that goes with it. If your wardrobe consists of warm colors (red, yellow, brown, beige) then you probably have a warm undertone. If you have more cooler shades in your wardrobe (blue, purple, pink) then silver will probably suit you better.

your veins 

Your veins also have something to say. This may sound a bit strange, but you can also recognize the undertone of your skin by looking at your veins. The veins are deeper or higher per person, but you can often see the color well. The color may differ markedly. Whole blue veins means that your skin has a cool undertone and silver is the most beautiful with you. More green veins? Then you rather have a warm undertone and gold jewellery will suit you better. Are you in between? Luck you! You can wear both gold and silver jewellery.

gold or silver jewellery?

Everyone has a preference for gold or silver jewellery, sometimes you have certain phases in your life that you have a preference for one or the other. Most importantly, wear what you like and what makes you happy!


Ana Dyla ethical jewellery shares for conscious and joyful living.

With every piece you purchase, you support us creating 100 fair

trade jobs worldwide.

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Blood crystals or ethically mined gems?

Blood crystals or ethical gems? 

For centuries, crystals have been seen as a source of magic and power for shamans and other healers. Precious stones are minerals, naturally occurring inorganic materials with a constant chemical composition and regular internal structure. Sounds very basic and nothing but romantic, but above all, gems are incredibly beautiful. Blinded by the beauty and perhaps also the energetic powers of gems under the spell of magic, I want to ask you a crucial personal question. Have you ever wondered where your gems come from?




People, Planet, Peace

Unfortunately, not only diamonds, silver and gold, but also precious stones are mined under miserable conditions. Miners – often including children – work far many days too long hours and do heavy and dangerous work in the dark. Another downside is that mines are also quite environmentally polluting. When extracting stones, often chemicals are used which occurs damage to the environment. This is at the expense of the environment, the animals but also the people who have to work in these circumstances. From the love for the 3 P’s – People, Planet & Peace – we only want to make ethically responsible jewellery. No guilt, just pure good. At least we try, unfortunately it is not yet 100% possible, but the stones that do not come from our workshops are clearly indicated in the product description on our website. Read more about our sustainable honest jewellery here.

Crystals formed

The most beautiful and clear crystals arise deep in the earth. It starts with magma that cools very slowly, sometimes for millions of years, and then turns into crystals. The crystals grow a bit like ice, an accumulation of very small crystals that eventually form a large crystal. When impurities such as metals such as aluminum and iron are mixed in, the crystals perform gorgeous colors. Due to landslides millions of years ago, these crystals were eventually pushed to the surface. And can therefore be mined or found by us.

Ana Dyla acts differently

We find stones, that is how we do it. In the months of March – June and September – December our team sets out to find the most beautiful stones. You can guess that we are very dependent on what we find and that is precisely what makes our process so enjoyable. We now know roughly which stones can be found but the shapes and composition of colors is always a surprise. The process of finding the stones on the land is longer than when mining would take place. And sometimes we are totally blown away  or some days we can’t even find stones.

Once the stones are found, they go to the workshop where they are cut into shapes and sizes depending on the designs. The stones are cut by hand in the shape that we want to use in the jewellery. This too is a longer process than if it were ground in the factory. Ana Dyla remains unique because we use the stones in the purest form, without adding color. You are now wondering, color additions? You have gems in all shapes and sizes and also in different qualities. Firstly, one gem is more expensive than another, and then the quality per gem can also vary considerably. Unfortunately it is true that cheating on the colors of the gems regularly is a fact. Stones are sometimes copied and treated very often so that they look better or are equal to each other. Read here more about how do you recognize real gems.

Blood diamonds

Earlier I asked the question, “have you ever wondered where your crystals come from.” When I started my research I knew 1 thing for sure, everything (from raw material to the design) must be fair. That is our highest value. But what about the magically beautiful healing crystal industry? You know the movie Blood Diamond (you know with Leonardo di Capri,2007)? Unfortunately, that’s the painful reality.

Crystal booming business

In recent years, the business of precious stones has become booming (at least that’s how it feels to me and maybe it’s because I’m busy with it every day). The route of a gemstone before it reaches the “consumer” is long, very long. The process: the miner finds the stone. This ends up with a trader through the mine owner. The trader resells the stone to another trader often in China or India for shaping and machining in a large factory. From this factory the stone goes to a trader on trade fairs, where it is sold to consumers via a local retailer (online or offline). In this process you count at least 16 hands, regardless of the route. There is no control over the route that a stone travels, so you can imagine that the working conditions of all parties can’t be tracked. It is incredibly difficult to determine the route and the circumstances.

At Ana Dyla we do it differently. We are currently working together with two stone workshops where a total of 19 employess. From finding to sharpening, these colleagues are invested in, so that we can provide them with work fairly. Read the blog about my search for gems here. Read here more about my personal introduction to precious stones.

Law, mines & ethical conflicts 

I (still) love the rule of law and I am grateful that it exists. I think it is extremely valuable that there is some mining legislation in Europe in the field of sustainability and labor. Countries like Canada, Finland, Argentina, Botswana, and the Philippines have relatively strict legislation when it comes to mines, which is at least better than no legislation. Unfortunately, it is very different in the countries where mining is mainly done. For example in the Congo where children of seven years old work in the mines in the merciful, fearful conditions, says Amnesty. Or Myanmar, where, according to a The New York Times survey, trade in jade has financed the bloody ethnic conflict there and triggered an epidemic of heroin use and HIV infection among the Kachin minorities working in the mines. The Lapis yacht is in the hands of the Taliban, just as painful. These kinds of messages make me sad and conscious, there is a wish to be part of a change.

We, Ana Dyla, sell less or no ruby, diamond and sapphire because these stones are at the top of the list of most corrupt stones. Occasionally we do process it in jewellery and then it is a unique piece with a stone from an earlier piece of jewellery that has been melted down.

Other side of the story

Of course there is another side to this story. No matter from which point you  look at this story, the gem trade does create jobs created by the growing demand. At the same time consumers want improvement, more and more so the governments are taking action to improve the well-being in the mines. Unfortunately this is not as fast as we would like to see. The reason for this is that people are used to the ‘cheap’ price of gemstones but do not realize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find these stones. We want more rocks than the earth can spew, which slows down the process and creates scarcity. So in this case supply demand certainly plays a significant role.

I (Hatice) doubted for a long time whether this blog should come online. It is a difficult process and with Ana Dyla we really want to highlight the positive side. It is possible, together we can realize change. Only possible if you also know what should be done differently and how it can be done better. You want ethically mined stones with a clean energy. Certainly, you can clear crystals from the energy but for me personally that is not enough.

Ethical gems

Well, how do you know if a stone is fair?

  • Pay attention to price-quality ratio, just like with clothing you can also read the quality at the price of a crystal. For example, citrine is a quartz that belongs to a family of amethysts, it is a precious stone. The cheaper variant is often a burned amethyst.
  • Choice of the stone; listen to your feelings, if it doesn’t feel right it is not good either. (Read the blog: How do I choose the right gem)
  • If you have questions about a stone, you can always send us an email and we will gladly help you further!

No matter how beautiful real gems are and it really is a part of our jewelry, it is much nicer for us if it is made peacefully and honestly – from raw material to iron design. I believe that a majority of people in this field have the best intentions and I realize that making this process transparent is incredibly difficult. That is why I am extremely happy and grateful that we have been working with a fantastic for three years now.

Love, Hatice


Ana Dyla is a ethical jewellery for the conscious souls. The essence of Ana Dyla is to shine with jewellery, let your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. Take a look at our collection! We believe in a world where we have the responsibility to make the world a bit more honest, sustainable and better with our choices. With every purchase you help us create 100 fair jobs.

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First introduction to precious gemstones | Personal Hatice

Are you also drawn by the magic of gemstones? The sparkle, color, roughness and at the same time dazzling? I like to share my story of the search for gemstones. In this blog a short sketch of the first visit in one of the workshops that we are, fortunately, still working with.

The idea of a jewellery label was born and then the real work started. I went looking for workshops to collaborate with. The workshops had to be with the same values as we have; honest, ethical, transparent and sustainable. Sounds like commons sense, but unfortunately still not the norm. 



Turkey & gemstones

I was just graduated and with my master’s degree in law, I actually didn’t have a clue about gems (except that I think they are incredibly beautiful). My parents are originally from Turkey and I have always had a special relationship with the country. The craft of jewellery is unprecedentedly good in Turkey and I also knew that gems can be found. However, I had never heard of an active gemstone business in Turkey. My search started full of hope but at the same time I didn’t know where or how to start. After a search of a few weeks, hope was somehow lost. I got through a conversation and finally there was someone who could help me and referred me to a studio where they worked on found gems themselves. Yes, my treasure was found!

In a taxi 1.5 hours outside the city, I had really no idea where I was going and what I would find. The taxi driver asked 3 times if I was sure of the address (which of course made me doubt). Arrived at the address I looked around and I guess that there was a slight doubt on my face. The taxi driver assured me that he would be waiting outside. Let’s go!.


A lot of gemstones

I rang the doorbell and the door was opened by a friendly man around fifties. I was welcomed with open arms in a large open space with lots of stones / large boulders. After a social talk, I carefully dared to ask where the stones were that I came for. Stones of one color, where you already get an instant happy feeling through the color, shimmer and shine. The reaction was quite simple: “well here, just look around you”. I felt a bit stupid up, this was not what I was looking for. Those who know me know that I can draw conclusions really quick and did a small happy dance with the thought that the taxi was probably still outside. I kindly thanked for their time and was already standing with my bag at the door. (Fair enough, I have to learn to be a little more patient and to draw conclusions less quickly).


The gentlemen laughed and asked if they could still have five minutes of my time. Slight doubts but I thought it was too brutal to leave. They asked me to choose a stone – they all looked alike – out of politeness I pointed to a random one.

At that moment there was a complete surprise. The moment the stone went in half, I was blinded by beauty, sparkle, color, everything I was looking for. It was so beautiful and I really had no idea that this was part of the process. Before I knew it they had cut a beautiful chalcedony for me. Full of curiosity, I asked questions all afternoon, met the team and thoroughly enjoyed amethysts, chalcedony, obsidian and quarters. It was so much fun and cozy, full of admiration I have absorbed all knowledge. The most important question for me was where do these stones come from. You can read that in this blog.

Ana Dyla ethical jewellery for the soul. The essence of Ana Dyla is shining with jewellery, letting your personality speak and daring to make a statement for a more beautiful world. Take a look at our collection! With every piece you purchase, you support us creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide. We love to share inspiration and honest lifestyle belongings for conscious and joyful living.

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Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewellery

Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewellery

Ana Dyla is a sustainable jewellery label from the Netherlands. The essence of Ana Dyla is shining with honest jewellery, letting your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. For the production of our jewellery we use recycled silver, gold and honestly found gemstones. Ana Dyla uses the art of nature in the purest form. An unique piece of jewellery created by ancient Ottoman traditions mixed with modern aesthetics.

Jewellery with a story

Translated from Arabic ‘Ana’ means ‘I am me’. Dyla means ‘pure love’ translated from Turkish / Kurdish. In short; Ana Dyla is expressing true love to yourself. In addition, ‘ana’ (or ‘anne’) also means mother in Turkish. Our mother’s name is Fatmana, again the last three letters ‘ana’. So the name is also our manifestation of love for our mother.

Our jewellery is more than just a piece of jewellery. Each of our jewellery has a story. Every piece is unique, pure decoration to wear for a lifetime or to handover to the person you love. Jewellery that makes you and the world a little more beautiful. Ana Dyla is expressing love to yourself, allowing yourself to love. 

Ana, I am me.
Dyla, stands for pure love.
Briefly; Ana Dyla is declaring true love to yourself.


What makes Ana Dyla jewellery ethical?

Most silver and gold mines are in developing countries. 90 % of all miners (think of 25 million people, more than the number of residents in The Netherlands) work there in horrible conditions. Mine keepers violate fundamental human rights and labor rights every day. It is no exception that there is child labor and / or forced labor.

The work is heavy, unhealthy and unsafe. A working day of at least 12 hours is common and there are toxins in rooms where there is little or no ventilation. The toxins are bad for the health of employees but also for the environment, they often leak through to the soil and / or groundwater that flows into the sea. This explains why silver and gold mines are so environmentally harmful to the earth.

Honest jewellery

As you might know, Hatice started Ana Dyla on belief in human rights, labor rights and protecting the environment. Ana Dyla is therefore not only sustainable, but our jewellery is also produced in a fair way. Sustainable, honest jewellery with a story, that is what we stand for. We don’t allow working days than 8 hours, we offer a safe working environment, our silversmiths receive a fair loan, all our employees have an insurance and we guarantee that no children are involved in the production.

Ana Dyla reproduces from silver and gold = sustainable

We make sustainable jewellery from recycled silver and gold. The silver and gold that we use comes from old jewellery that has been cultivated in Istanbul without harmful substances. The jewellery that you wear from Ana Dyla has already had a life and is now starting a second life with you, this time without harming others and the earth.

Handcrafted jewellery

We have the great desire to overcome mass consumption. Our jewellery is produced on a small scale and they are all a bit different. All made by hand by the best, traditional goldsmiths in Anatolia. The gems are also all cultivated by hand. The stones are so delicate and difficult to work with that they can never be the same, which makes them unique. Other parts of the jewellery can also be slightly different (in this case we do not have a ‘perfect’ cause it’s simply is impossible). Luckily we love imperfection and we hope you’ll love it too!

Honestly mined gems

Gemstones are often mined, which is a lot cheaper and more efficient than endless searches on the land. But also on the land you can find the most beautiful stones, the process takes much longer, which makes it more expensive. Our gems are mined locally in various places in Turkey. We use the ‘natural beauty’ of gemstones that are refined by gem cutters in the heart of Anatolia. Each stone is cut and cultivated by hand. In the choices that are made when designing, we follow the stone itself; it’s about the shape, color and appearance of the stone.

Ecological print

We love nature, people and harmony or the 3 Ps: people & planet & peace. Through our love for this Ana Dyla tries to minimize her ecological footprint. The conscious choice for recycled silver and gold, honest mined gems and good working conditions, but we even go one step further. We send our packages as much as possible as letterbox post so that they can be delivered by bicycle (we take the risk that valuable packages will get lost). The jewellery boxes and the boxes where you receive our packages are FSC certified and made from recycled paper. Personally we prefer to enjoy fair trade goodies, coffees and clothing, but more about that another time!

100 fair trade jobs

Ana Dyla likes to share her inspiration for a conscious and loving life. We are committed to creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide, by helping fair workshops grow and ultimately opening new fair workshops as refugee women’s training schools to make them financial independence

Be your unique self!

Ana Dyla, the beauty of the woman sitting inside with a little help from jewellery. It is incredibly important that we enjoy fair, pretty products to make the world more beautiful. Don’t be tempted by mass consumption, live in the here and now. Create your more beautiful conscious world & be your unique beautiful self.

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The key to untangle necklaces!

Imagine, you go on holiday and off course you want to take your jewellery with you. Certainly if you are a light traveler, jewellery is an easy way to make your outfit a little bit different and still stunning.

But nothing is as annoying as your necklaces or bracelets that are tangled. After all, you are busy for an hour to properly disassemble the jewellery. Grrr .. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Do you want to prevent it? We have a super handy tip for you! 


You choose your jewellery carefully. Probable your chains and bracelets are in a knot and with extreme patience (read a lot of frustration) you take the chains apart and with a lot of love you put the chains in a box, bag or side pocket of your bag.

First night out at destination and in good spirit you open the bag. Guess what, one big tangled let’s call it – jewellery.

Do you want to prevent this? We have the solution! Take a straw (preferably from recycled material or bamboo). Watch this video and you will never again have trouble with jewelry after traveling! Ideal right?

Ana Dyla ethical jewellery for the soul. The essence of Ana Dyla is shining with jewellery, letting your personality speak and daring to make a statement for a more beautiful world. Take a look at our collection! With every piece you purchase, you support us creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide. We love to share inspiration and honest lifestyle belongings for conscious and joyful living.


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Shopping | A Day In Amsterdam

Fair shops, Eco hotels and vegan restaurants; Amsterdam has it all. This heaven for conscious people has everything you wish for, and a little more. (I might be a little biased as I live in the Dam) Let me take you on a fun day through Amsterdam!
Amsterdam is easy to reach by train and that is exactly where we will start our day, Amsterdam Central station. We all know that strolling through cities is exhausting, therefor we will fuel ourselves with a healthy power brunch at Vinnies (Haarlemmerstraat 46). They have an all day breakfast menu so you can take it slow, there is no need to hurry. There are some conscious stores where you can pop by easily as Nukuhiva (#36) and Sukha (#110).

When we have spent enough time at the Haarlemmerstraat we will continue our day walking alongside the beautiful canals to the Nine Streets. A shopping area with loads of vintage shops, some a little overpriced, but I bet you find a one of a kind piece you would not find anywhere else. For a little refreshment and a small bite we will stop by the new hotspot House of Natur (Prinsengracht 455). Some cold pressed juices and banana bread never hurt nobody. Fun fact: they grow their own fruit and vegetables, how cool is that!
After this I think we have done more than enough shopping. It’s time to go to one of the museums but it might be a better idea to pop by De Hortus (Plantage Middenlaan 2a).
This place definitely made a comeback and is hotter than ever before. Surrounding yourself with plants will bring you into an oasis of peace and I can guarantee we all need a bit of peace after a long day in this crowded city.

Ending our day with a good meal is as important as starting with a healthy brunch. (I’m a foodie, can you tell?) Therefor we have some nice sustainable dinner options. When you want to go all out and have nice proper dinner you could try De Kas (Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3) in the East of Amsterdam. In this restaurant they cook with the ingredients they grow their selves. If you have difficulties finding an easy restaurant for people that want to eat different cuisines, I would suggest Spirit (Czaar Peterstraat 2a). With their eco and vegetarian buffet, there will be something for everyone.
These are just a few of our favorite hotspots, but of course there are many more.
What is your conscious go-to place in Amsterdam?  

Meet Stephanie. An optimistic lady on a conscious mission! She started Let’s talk slow a couple of years ago an we’re happy she shares her conscious tips also with us. Follow her on instagram.

The three best conscious fashion films on Netflix

How can we not spend the night with Netflix? Some of these films might help inspire your wardrobe, your career or just make you conscious about what it’s worth. All are worth carving out some time for in the following days. At the very least, they’ll give you things to discuss with your fashionable peers while you stand in line, after line, after line. Get your small talk talking points ready!

Iris Apfel is what I call a statement. Not perse conscious but we just adore her! This woman shows off and that on every age. Amazing how she can create her own recognizable style. What would fashion be without Iris? Fashion would be a lot less colorful, that’s for sure. This documentary follows the 93-year-old legend while she shops, shows off her incredible collection of accessories and clothes, and discusses the quirks of life.

The True Cost
Not a feel good movie at all, but my o my this movie opens eyes (hearts and minds). Exposing the impact fast fashion can have on the people who make the clothes and planet, The True Cost reminds viewers that their affordable clothing actually comes at a steep price. Painfull but absolute a must to see!

Hip-hop clothing has been copied and recycled time and time again. Fresh Dressed explores the origins of the black-led style and outlines its evolution into mainstream territory.

Do you know other inspiring conscious fashion movies? Please share them with us!

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