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A little Mother’s Day gift guide that all mums will definitely love! Check out his list with 5 free gifts!

Write a sweet note
Write your mother a sweet note to tell her what you love and admire about her. Let her know the impact she has made on your life. You could make a card by hand or just use lined paper. Nothing means more than genuine note of love.

Give her a break!
Moms are busy, all day every day. Do a little takeover and give her some rest. Take over everything she does for the family (for a day, or two or more). Show that you appreciate all that she does for you.

Fresh flowers
Give your mom a bouquet of fresh, spring flowers! You could pick flowers from your own yard, or find some wildflowers. Put your flowers in a mason jar or tin can, tie a pretty ribbon around it, and you have a beautiful gift!

‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.’
― Mother Theresa

Top 10
Write down the top 10 reasons why she is the best mom! Make this a bit more special and frame it in a beautiful frame. This way she can take a look at these inspiring & appreciating words.

Make her dinner
Give her a break from cooking. Why not make her dinner? Don’t offer, big chance that she refuses, make it anyway! You could invite her over to your house for a nice dinner together or bring it to her home. Don’t forget to include her favorite foods!

Mother’s favorites!



Ana Dyla is an ethical jewellery for the conscious souls. The essence of Ana Dyla is to shine with jewellery, let your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. Take a look at our collection! We believe in a world where we have the responsibility to make the world a bit more honest, sustainable and better with our choices. With every purchase you help us create 100 fair jobs.

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5 must-reads about sustainability


5 must reads sustainability


I love to be old fashioned to read a book. For me, a book is really a printed version, not an e-book *. Of course I understand that an e-book will be cheaper and better for the trees, but I have a weakness for paper, a weakness for fashion and a weakness for sustainability. So here are my five favorite books about sustainability. For moments when you think “I can’t make the difference,” because you can!




Changing the world on your own is difficult, if not impossible. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot do anything, since all the little bits help. Using funny examples and practical tips, Eva shares how you will succeed in creating impact as a loner. It is a nice to read book in which recognizable questions are answered and practical tips are also provided. More about Practivism.

this is a good guide – marieke eyskoot


Marieke Eyskoot, is “sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert”. Marieke’s mission is to “spread your life in style”. The book provides tips on how to live sustainably in the areas of clothing, care, eating, living and working. An inspiring book that lingers on you immensely and is directly applicable in daily life. (Her book “Talking dress” was the first book I read about sustainability, which is also recommended.)



The story of Blake who founded TOMS in 2006. TOMS has developed as a shoe brand and since its inception it has provided more than 60 million children with new shoes, helped more than 400,000 people with deteriorated eyesight It’s unbelievable to read how Blake experienced the creation and development of his company.   gezichtsvermogen Het is onwijs bijzonder om te lezen hoe Blake de oprichting en ontwikkeling van zijn bedrijf heeft ervaren. More about Start something that matters.


the zero waste project – jessie & nicky kroon


Do you think you live consciously but are annoyed by the amount of (plastic) waste and junk you collect around you? Then this is the book for you. In The Zero Waste Project, Nicky and Jessie share their twelve most important lessons to develop a sustainable lifestyle and tell about their successes and failures. Bye-bye disposable coffee cups, plastic sandwich bags and pre-packaged cookies. Hello more beautiful world. (Nice is, these girls now have a fantastic beautiful zero waste shop in Amersfoort, where Ana Dyla is also for sale. A must visit when you are in Amersfoort! SMIR Store)

the hidden impact – babbette porcelijn


We have a direct influence on the ecosystem, simply through water use, land use and deforestation, the use of fossil energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Babette describes the things that have the most impact – known and less known. In the three parts – “What is our hidden impact?”, “What are the consequences?”, “How can we solve it?” – she describes the consequences of our behavior that we do not see ourselves. The realization that you get through this book has such an impact on you that after reading you cannot help but change your behavior.

enjoy reading!


Sidenote * Briefly about e-readers and books. An e-reader may last longer than a book, but that does not make it sustainable. Minerals and metals are needed to make e-readers. These are often obtained cheaply from countries where there are few environmental guidelines. A lot of plastic is also used for e-readers, the batteries need to be regularly charged and the wireless network that many e-readers have also requires energy. In addition, e-readers do not last forever and often end up as chemical, non-degradable waste. In comparison, a paper book does not seem so crazy. A natural product made from wood that can be recycled four to six times. Trees can be planted again and again. Do not commit me to this, I have not done enough research to be able to make a real judgment about it.


Ana Dyla is an ethical jewellery for the conscious souls. The essence of Ana Dyla is to shine with jewellery, let your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. Take a look at our collection! We believe in a world where we have the responsibility to make the world a bit more honest, sustainable and better with our choices. With every purchase you help us create 100 fair jobs.


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4x Fair fashion blogs – the change makers in fashion!


The advantage of an abundance of bloggers is that we have an overdose of inspiration. The change makers in the blogger world are bloggers who have made a conscious choice for sustainability. A few years ago I personally made the choice to opt more for sustainable. Although I am equally familiar with sustainable fashion, I often find it difficult to find beautiful, durable items. That is why I started looking for inspiration and would like to share these 4 conscious fashionbloggers with you.



Fair Friday

Two Dutch girls with a passion for honest fashion and a sustainable lifestyle. They share a lot about sustainable brands and outfits. A refreshingly everyday blog with many easily applicable tips. Every step is one right? Follow Anne & Elrike on instagram. (Photo in the first paragraph of this blog. Credits for: Leonnephotography
Locatie: Heerenhuisch).

Gabrielle Koster

Gabrielle is a freelance writer for ELLE and others and shares a lot about #mindbodysoul and her journey for a more sustainable life, fashion, travel and beauty! Follow Gabrielle on instagram.


Lets talk slow

Stephanie of Let’s talk slow is passionate about sustainable fashion, eco travel, vintage interior and vegan. A pleasure to follow if you want to start a sustainable lifestyle. Last year Stephanie released her e-book in which she helps you make your existing wardrobe more sustainable in no time. We’ve had great collaborations with Stephanie and you can follow her on instagram.

Read more sustainable inspiration from Stephanie such as conscious shop tips in Amsterdam, 5 tips for a fair wardrobe and 5 Dutch sustainable brands.

Alisson Simmonds

Alisson aka a sustainable mess is an inspiration dose every day on Instagram. On instagram she appears anything but ‘messy’;) She shares a lot about a sustainable lifestyle and how you can nicely combine second-hand clothing with sustainable brands. Follow Alisson on instagram!


Do you know more inspiring sustainable fashion blogs?

Drop them in the comments below this blog. Super fun if we can inspire each other and put these change makers in the spotlight. And does it just happen to you to be a guest blogger for Ana Dyla? Send us an email, we would like to get in touch with you!

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Kısmet collection FW 2019

Kısmet collectie FW’19

When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kısmet, your destiny. The word kısmet comes from the Arabic word ḳismat, meaning “division, portion, lot.” You can think of kısmet as your lot in life, or your fate. You’ll often hear the word used in relation to something significant that came about entirely by chance. If you met the love of your life when you spilled coffee on one another as you fell on the icy sidewalk of a street you never walked down before, all you can do is smile and shrug and say, “Kısmet.” Exactly when you see this collection. Not falling in love is impossible, so call it Kısmet and enjoy!

Exactly when you see this collection. Not falling in love is impossible, so call it Kısmet and enjoy!

Curious about the lookbook? You can view this here.  

Do you prefer to view the products in the shop? Quickly click here! 😉 Let us know what your favorites are. We are very curious!

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Purify your Chakras with precious stones: # 1 Root Chakra


Precious stones are known for their beneficial effect on body and mind. Depending on the type of stone you can use them to purify and balance your Chakras. In the coming period I will therefore put a different Chakra in the light every month. I tell you what the Chakras stand for, how you can recognize imbalance and which stones may have a beneficial effect. I also share affirmations that you can use to help purify your Chakras.
In this blog I kick off with the: Muladhara, the Root or Basic Chakra.

First things first: what exactly are Chakras?

The Chakras reflect 7 energy centers in our physical bodies, discovered centuries ago by Indian seers and healers. Officially they have established 114 (!), But the 7 as they are often touched in the yoga class, is the most important. Although Chakras are not tangible – after all, it is energy – sensitive people can feel them. And even if you can’t feel them, everyone is able to balance and activate them at all times.

That’s great, because the 7 Chakras are directly related to the well-being and the life force that we experience. Chakra research therefore leads to an in-depth insight into yourself. It promotes body awareness and a sensed realization that everything is connected. It is a way to learn (recognize) patterns and (back) to stand in your power.

Everything is energy and everything is one

To be able to (understand) the “Chakra system” it is first of all important to assume that everything in and around us consists of energy. Out of vibrations. Objects that in our view consist of matter are seen spiritually as a manifestation of energy. They still vibrate at a certain frequency and are therefore not “fixed”.  
The word “Chakra” can be translated from Sanskrit to wheel or wheel. That is why yogis and meditation teachers often talk about visualizing rotating, colored whirlpools at the front of the spine, along which the Chakras run up. Via the Chakras, we absorb the Cosmic energy to use it for our greatest good. Every Chakra shines light on a certain part of the body and tells us something about how it works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Everything is energy and everything is connected. So a blockage in one Chakra can cause a blockage in another. And if we continue to ignore this, it blocks our daily functioning. We lose contact with the natural flow of life as it is intended (for us).

Root chakra: the stable basis to be YOU

The Root Chakra is located at the end of the spine. This first Chakra stands for survival, safety and grounding. It is our connection with Mother Earth. An energy that has to do with our first necessities of life, such as food, shelter and security. Only when we feel safe can we live freely and be happy deep down.

If your Root Chakra is in balance then you will feel stable, grounded and have a strong will to live. You have faith in the future and you feel connected to yourself, nature and the people around you. From this orientation you can create the life that you want full of (self) confidence and decisiveness. You live in the here and now. Responsive and present.

Imbalance makes anxious and uncertain

If your Root Chakra is out of balance then life on Earth feels like an unsafe place to be. You have little faith in yourself, your future and life itself. Money can be a leading factor in the choices you make, which means that you will be further and further away from yourself and your soul’s desires. Fears make you want to control life and you seek happiness in circumstances and people outside yourself. You cling to creating (material mock) certainties.

● On an emotional level, this can for example be expressed by a lack of self-esteem or decisiveness, existential fears (for loneliness or hurt), depressive feelings, stress, selfishness, controlling or impulsive (destructive) behavior and taking on a victim role.

● On a physical level, it can be reflected, among other things, in a lack of energy, intestinal complaints, constipation, low back pain, cold hands / feet, varicose veins, anemia or changing blood pressure.

    Supporting stones for the Root Chakra

    As I said, we vibrate at a certain energetic vibration frequency. Just like everything around us. The Chakras and also precious stones. This vibration means that stones can be beneficial to our (sense of) well-being. A low vibration can, for example, provide more peace of mind and grounding. And a very high vibration can support you on a spiritual level during meditation to make a better connection with your higher Self.
    Red, black and / or brown stones often work on the frequency of the Root Chakra. Below a number of stones that we are fans of at Ana Dyla:


    • Smoky quartz: Protective, grounding and cleansing for body, mind and soul. Brings relaxation, which makes her suitable for stress, (failure) anxiety and depression complaints. This stone promotes concentration and a positive mindset.
    • Black Tourmaline: Protective and balancing for body and soul. Removes negative energies and helps break through fears, destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns. This stone brings relaxation, confidence and prosperity.
    • Citrine: Promotes self-confidence, self-expression and physical energy. Supported in breaking through fears, destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns. This stone attracts prosperity, success and joy of life.

    Place the stones in your house, use them during a meditation or wear them as a piece of jewelry on your body.


    Rewrite your thought patterns to clear your Root Chakra

    Stones and affirmations go well together when it comes to the process of self-realization. They reinforce each other. The use of affirmations is based on the principle that our brain believes what we tell and show it. Actively repeating encouraging words about yourself influences our subconscious and thereby reprogram old, destructive beliefs so that they can disappear from our system.

    An affirmation is an affirmation of how you WANT to feel, so you don’t have to feel it that way right now. Choose an affirmation – or a combination of several – with which you want to work intuitively. Who can empower you emotionally. Determine to have it resonate in your mind in the coming month. Wherever you are. Fifty times a day is hardly enough – but don’t count! 😉


    • I am worthy, just as I am. And I feel super comfortable in my skin.

    • I am safe and I am guided wherever I am and in whatever situation I am.

    • I’m confident. The Universe is behind me.

    • I choose love over fear.

    • I value myself and feed myself with food, exercise and people that give me energy.

    • I am calm and balanced. Strong and powerful.

    • I am proud of myself and enjoy the life I create.

    • I am full of energy and self-confidence. And I radiate that.

    • Wrong decisions do not exist. I trust my intuition.

    • All the choices I make serve my highest good.

    • Everything comes to me at the right time.

    Your inner work leads to external miracles

    I like to work with mirror notes to constantly confront myself with the affirmation that serves me at that time. That is as simple as: write the words on a note and stick it on your mirror. In addition, try to pick a fixed moment when you speak the affirmation out loud to yourself. For example, immediately after getting up as a boost for your day or after brushing your teeth before you dive into your bed. Does not (yet) pronounce aloud good? You can also write down. This triggers the same brain process.

    Be patient with yourself and enjoy the moments when you suddenly notice that your inner transformation also manifests itself in external actions and events. Enjoy the little miracles that seem to unfold more and more often on your path of life.

     Perhaps unnecessary to mention, but always see the beneficial effects of stones and affirmations as support for a personal (healing) process or dealing with certain high sensitivities, not as a substitute for regular medical treatments for physical and mental complaints.

    This blog was originally written in Dutch by Maike van Ees. Change the language of the website (top right) to read the original Dutch version.

    About Maike

    Maike is a copywriter, awareness teacher, Shiatsu (chair) masseur and Shiatsu therapist in training. Through words, workshops and bodywork she inspires others to self-reflection and awareness. To be able to embrace yourself and life based on love, trust and freedom. So that it can flow. Inside out. You experience how strong your intuition is and that you can trust that life will always work for you if you follow your heart.

    Want to know more about Maike? See:, or follow Maike on  Instagram. Her next workshop is High Spirit Schrijven at the Healing Garden Festival, check it out!

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    Which jewellery do you take with you on vacation?


    Yesss, it’s summer! We have wonderful sunny days and for many of you there is a vacation planned for the coming weeks! Are you going on vacation this summer? Going on holiday is nice, but packing is a struggle for many. What goes in your suitcase? How do you ensure that you don’t take too much or less with you. Jewellery is an easy way to finish your outfit but also to make your outfit a bit different. Ideal for the light travelers for sure.




    Capsule jewellery

    Which jewellery do you take with you on vacation?
    We already post a poll about it on Instagram, which jewellery do you take with you on vacation? All your jewellery or do you choose 1 set? Most of you voted for one set. But of course you can also make a combination or a jewellery capsule for your holiday. You might know it from a capsule wardrobe, a few key items that you can endless combine. Why wouldn’t you do that with jewellery?

    To make your choice of jewellery that will go in your suitcase, there are a number of things to note.

    • What kind of vacation is it? Are you going backpacking, camping, all-in or a city trip? In other words, can you safely store your jewellery in a locker or is that a bit more difficult.
    • What are you going to do? Are there special moments planned during your vacation, for example a wedding, business occasions? Chlorine, sand, sea and sunscreen do no good to your jewellery. Do you still want to wear jewellery in the water? Then take the following into account: Chlorinated water; only gold and silver jewellery with stones such as diamond, sapphire, quartz. Clear transparent stones can generally withstand this, except moonstone.
      Do you want something to wear in the sea? Then choose gold jewellery without stones. Silver can turn black in some seawaters. Lakes or rivers you can generally wear all your jewellery. Be careful with the stones.


    How do you take them with you?
    Take your jewellery in a separate bag, pouch or pouch so that they do not get damaged or lost. Do not put your jewellery in your makeup bag. The fat and pigments of your makeup can seriously damage your jewellery.Read here how you can prevent your chains from getting tangled.

    We are very curious which jewellery you will take with you on holiday! Share it in your stories on Instagram and tag us @anadylahq. We would love to share!


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    Three full moon rituals to enrich your life

    Full Moon

    When the full moon is in the sky, that is the ultimate moment to let go, to recharge yourself with new energy and to strengthen your intentions. With the power of the moon, which is at its strongest at that moment, you can enrich your own life through various rituals. Which ritual fits your desires?
    With these rituals you focus on love, creating new space and releasing negativity.




    Full moon ritual for more love

    For this ritual you do not only use the power of the full moon, but also the rose quartz. This crystal attracts harmonious love and friendship relationships and opens the heart to receive love.
    The ritual works as follows: create a peaceful and quiet space, light candles and possibly use essential oils. Think about your desires in love and visualize the way you would like to welcome more love into your life. Then write this on paper and put the rose quartz on the paper on which your desire is written. Use the moment afterwards to meditate and connect the power of the full moon to your love ritual.

    Full moon ritual for more space

    Cleaning up during the full moon is an ideal way to create new space, both literally and figuratively. Because the full moon is all about releasing, cleaning up is extra powerful at that time. By tidying up your living environment and thus ridding your wardrobe, kitchen drawers or bathroom of things that you no longer need, you reduce noise in your life. And that in turn provides new space and fresh, clean energy.

    Full moon ritual for releasing negativity

    Full moon is the ideal moment to let go of obstructing beliefs and fears. One way to release negativity is to let water work for you. That can be in the form of a shower, bath or rain shower, but it can also be your tears that rid you of (old) emotional pain.

    Before you take a liberating shower or take a walk through the rain, it is important to write down everything that currently stands in your way. That can be anything: do you, for example, want to get rid of your maddening uncertainty or is there someone around you who gives you a negative feeling? Then feel what happens to your emotions when you visualize these negative things. You may become angry, frustrated or sad. Or rather combative and determined to no longer be guided by these factors.

    You can then wash away this negativity by means of a warm bath, extensive shower, a walk in the rain or by draining your tears. In this way (old) negativity makes room for positive things. The full moon adds extra force to this promotion.

    Do you want to know more about full moon rituals and how you can apply the magic of the moon in your own life? Yasmin Boland is a world-renowned astrologer and writer has developed a form of astrology with which you can make the moon work for you in an accessible and practical manner. You can read more about Moonology on her website.

    This blog was originally written in Dutch by Eline Hoffman. Change the language of the website (top right) to read the Dutch version.

    Freelance copywriter and editor Eline Hoffman has a weakness for people with a beautiful, powerful, inspiring or moving story. She prefers to write those stories down herself. Whether the words come from the mouth of a child, an entrepreneur, a world improver, a BN person or a 90-year-old; this lady has made attentive listening her hobby and writing stories her work. Conscious living, sustainability, style, music and health are the things in which she prefers to immerse herself. Want to know more about Eline? See her website

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    How sustainable choices and personal growth go hand in hand

    We are all becoming increasingly aware of the footprint that we are leaving behind. We eat less (or no) meat, put solar panels on our roofs, drive more often electrically and do our shopping more consciously. A good development that leads to a more sustainable way of life. The great thing is that by making sustainable choices you not only take care of the world around you, but you also experience personal growth. Best of both worlds, right?

    You can make your wardrobe more sustainable, adjust your eating pattern, opt for public transport instead of the car, bank at a green bank, avoid plastic, donate to green organizations and so on. Whatever your contribution to making our world more sustainable, all these choices are based on awareness. In a certain way you have become aware of the need to do something. Something has triggered you – made you aware – to take action now.

    Awareness: the key to personal growth


    Awareness is also exactly what you need to grow personally. Anyone who wants to develop themselves and implement changes must first of all become aware of his or her current situation. In other words: only if you become aware of what your life currently looks like and what the consequences are for you (and your environment) is development and therefore personal growth possible.

    After all, to be able to develop yourself, you need to know what your starting point is before you can actually work towards something. It is actually no different when making sustainable choices: you notice that the way you do your shopping, banking or using plastic needs change and you choose to do it differently from now on.


    One step at a time


    Once your eyes are open and you know you want to do it differently, you may prefer to tackle everything at once. The changes cannot go fast enough: keep up with that “new life”! Recognizable? Please note: sustainable change is gradual. If you take too big steps, the chances are much greater that you will sooner or later fall back into your old habits. So – certainly in the beginning – do not go too fast.

    A better way to start a conscious lifestyle is to watch documentaries, read books and listen to podcasts. There are many beautiful titles that can inspire you and feed your need for a more conscious life. You can then think about it and determine what is the best (first) step for you to live in a more conscious, sustainable way.



    Personal sustainability


    Personal sustainability is a term that nicely summarizes the above story. Personal sustainability means that you look at where you stand, how you are doing and what you need and act accordingly. When you are clear about this, you will be much better able to deal with sustainable choices, because you can then adjust them to what suits you best.

    Occasionally, therefore, take a moment for yourself to reflect on how you feel, what you think, what makes you happy, what you need, and what is about you. This is how you create awareness. And that, as you now know, is the indispensable ingredient for making sustainable choices.


    This blog was originally written in Dutch by Eline Hoffman. Change the language of the website (top right) to read the Dutch version.

    Freelance copywriter and editor Eline Hoffman has a weakness for people with a beautiful, powerful, inspiring or moving story. She prefers to write those stories down herself. Whether the words come from the mouth of a child, an entrepreneur, a world improver, a BN person or a 90-year-old; this lady has made attentive listening her hobby and writing stories her work. Conscious living, sustainability, style, music and health are the things in which she prefers to immerse herself. Want to know more about Eline? See her website


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    Fashion Revolution 2018

    The best Fashion Revolution Week Events!

    It’s almost Fashion Revolution week! About 5 years ago the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in bangladesh, which killed 1138 people on 24th of April 2013. On that day, Fashion Revolution was born. They came up with the #whomademyclothes campaign during the Fashion Revolution Week which is a internationally held from 23- 29th of April. This week encourages consumers to think a little extra when buying something, or to think about who is behind the clothes they are wearing. Brands and producers need to respond to this which eventually should lead to transparency in the supply chain.
    There will be several exciting events in The Netherlands and I will highlight the best ones:
    – True Fashion Talks: ‘How to campaign for Change’
    Fashion For Good, Amsterdam
    April 19 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    – Fashion Revolution Netherlands | China Blue: film & panel
    Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
    The film shows the
    April 23 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm

    – Clothes Swap Party
    Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, Amsterdam
    April 23 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm

    – Fashion Revolution Netherlands | River Blue: film & panel
    Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
    April 25 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm

    – Thrift with me
    Hosted by: Tiny Temple
    April 28 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

    Want to know moer detailed information about these week and the events? Go to Fashion Revolution and find the events near you.

    Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst
    Known from Let’s Talk Slow.

    Shopping | A Day In Amsterdam

    Fair shops, Eco hotels and vegan restaurants; Amsterdam has it all. This heaven for conscious people has everything you wish for, and a little more. (I might be a little biased as I live in the Dam) Let me take you on a fun day through Amsterdam!
    Amsterdam is easy to reach by train and that is exactly where we will start our day, Amsterdam Central station. We all know that strolling through cities is exhausting, therefor we will fuel ourselves with a healthy power brunch at Vinnies (Haarlemmerstraat 46). They have an all day breakfast menu so you can take it slow, there is no need to hurry. There are some conscious stores where you can pop by easily as Nukuhiva (#36) and Sukha (#110).

    When we have spent enough time at the Haarlemmerstraat we will continue our day walking alongside the beautiful canals to the Nine Streets. A shopping area with loads of vintage shops, some a little overpriced, but I bet you find a one of a kind piece you would not find anywhere else. For a little refreshment and a small bite we will stop by the new hotspot House of Natur (Prinsengracht 455). Some cold pressed juices and banana bread never hurt nobody. Fun fact: they grow their own fruit and vegetables, how cool is that!
    After this I think we have done more than enough shopping. It’s time to go to one of the museums but it might be a better idea to pop by De Hortus (Plantage Middenlaan 2a).
This place definitely made a comeback and is hotter than ever before. Surrounding yourself with plants will bring you into an oasis of peace and I can guarantee we all need a bit of peace after a long day in this crowded city.

    Ending our day with a good meal is as important as starting with a healthy brunch. (I’m a foodie, can you tell?) Therefor we have some nice sustainable dinner options. When you want to go all out and have nice proper dinner you could try De Kas (Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3) in the East of Amsterdam. In this restaurant they cook with the ingredients they grow their selves. If you have difficulties finding an easy restaurant for people that want to eat different cuisines, I would suggest Spirit (Czaar Peterstraat 2a). With their eco and vegetarian buffet, there will be something for everyone.
    These are just a few of our favorite hotspots, but of course there are many more.
What is your conscious go-to place in Amsterdam?  

    Meet Stephanie. An optimistic lady on a conscious mission! She started Let’s talk slow a couple of years ago an we’re happy she shares her conscious tips also with us. Follow her on instagram.