10 steps you can take to reduce your footprint

Reduce your footprint

Do you know how many hectares of land you use with your way of life? In other words: how large is your footprint? More and more people are paying attention to this issue and are immersing themselves in a lifestyle that is less stressful for the climate and their environment. Curious about how you can reduce the impact of your personal lifestyle? We give you 10 tips.
You may discover by reading the steps below that you are already on the right track. In that case: keep it up! If the tips below are new to you, then they are definitely worth trying. Because no matter how cliché it sounds: a better world really starts with you. Good luck!


1. Eat vegetables more often 

20 to 35% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food production. More than half comes from meat and dairy. Vegetable food is therefore better for the environment and animal welfare. More often opt for legumes, vegetables and nuts instead of meat and limit your dairy intake. Moreover, eating less meat is also better for your health.

2. Eat locally & seasonally 

If you think about it, it is actually quite strange to eat tomatoes (for example) in the winter that have to be flown all the way to the Netherlands by plane, while all kinds of vegetables are also available in the Netherlands. By paying attention to the origin of the product when buying fruit and vegetables, you can reduce your impact on the environment with your choice.

3. Take a short shower

We know that a long hot shower is wonderful on some days. But really: after five minutes you are really clean.

4. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and close the displays

Yes, it sounds very logical. Yet many people can save extra energy by removing unnecessary plugs from the wall socket and switching off laptops and televisions when they are not being used. Small effort, but all the little bits help.

  1. Take your own bag with you when shopping

The next time the shopkeeper asks you if you want a bag around it, you say “no”. In addition to avoiding unnecessary plastic consumption, it is also a shame to use the beautiful bag that you have at home but occasionally?

  1. Choose second-hand more often

A round of vintage shopping or snooping in thrift stores can bring you gems of finds. Also nice: exchange clothes or things that you no longer wear or use with friends. Something that no longer fits you might just be the piece that is missing in your girlfriend’s wardrobe – or vice versa of course.

  1. Take the bicycle more often

No gasoline costs, no emissions, no traffic jams, better for the condition: it goes without saying that in almost all respects it is better to take the bike than the car. If it is not possible to leave the car because of the travel distance to work, at least try to go outside of work to opt for a bike ride or walk as often as possible.

  1. Also choose regional products on holiday

This is usually not only much tastier, it also gives you a better look into the cuisine of the culture of the country where you are. And you support the local population with it.

  1. Go on holiday by train

Of course it doesn’t take you to a tropical island or on the other side of the world. But you can reach enough beautiful destinations by train. Think of beautiful cities in Europe or a train journey to impressive Russia. Perhaps an idea for your next vacation?

10. Measure your footprint

  1. To determine what you can do best with your lifestyle, it is of course useful to know how large your footprint is now. Is it mainly your diet that is stressful? Or do you travel a lot by plane or car? These and other factors determine the size of your current footprint. Through the Footprint Netherlands website you can do a footprint scan that calculates your impact. You will then receive targeted tips that are tailored to your lifestyle. Became curious? You can do the footprint scan hier.
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