• Our mission is to be a leader of positive change within the jewellery industry.

    We take responsibility for the impact of our actions on people & planet. And strive to reduce that impact.

    We aim to create a positive impact on the communities and societies we engage with, by improving our value chain, looking after our employees and customers, implementing recycling initiatives & locally sourcing.

  • Progress

    Ana Dyla strives to drive positive change within the jewellery industry. We’re constantly improving and taking steps to drive change and inspire others. Also we make it possible to produce with us and profit of all that we created in ethical & sustainable so far.

  • People

    We are committed to ensuring each individual in our team, our partners & customers feels valued, respected and protected.

    Full disclosure? Read our Ethical Policy & Code of Conduct Partners

  • Product

    We aim to create jewellery with craftsman. Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality.

    We aim to create jewellery that does not harm the environment in its design, production and end of life and therefore, are continuing our research for ways to make our products as circular as possible.

  • Packaging

    All our packaging is as circular as possible. All our packaging has the mark of FSC®.

  • Planet

    We actively work on minimizing our environmental footprint.