5 must-reads about sustainability

I love to be old fashioned to read a book. For me, a book is really a printed version, not an e-book *. Of course I understand that an e-book will be cheaper and better for the trees, but I have a weakness for paper, a weakness for fashion and a weakness for sustainability. So here are my five favorite books about sustainability. For moments when you think “I can’t make the difference,” because you can!




Changing the world on your own is difficult, if not impossible. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot do anything, since all the little bits help. Using funny examples and practical tips, Eva shares how you will succeed in creating impact as a loner. It is a nice to read book in which recognizable questions are answered and practical tips are also provided. More about Practivism.

this is a good guide – marieke eyskoot


Marieke Eyskoot, is “sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert”. Marieke’s mission is to “spread your life in style”. The book provides tips on how to live sustainably in the areas of clothing, care, eating, living and working. An inspiring book that lingers on you immensely and is directly applicable in daily life. (Her book “Talking dress” was the first book I read about sustainability, which is also recommended.)



The story of Blake who founded TOMS in 2006. TOMS has developed as a shoe brand and since its inception it has provided more than 60 million children with new shoes, helped more than 400,000 people with deteriorated eyesight It’s unbelievable to read how Blake experienced the creation and development of his company.   gezichtsvermogen Het is onwijs bijzonder om te lezen hoe Blake de oprichting en ontwikkeling van zijn bedrijf heeft ervaren. More about Start something that matters.


the zero waste project – jessie & nicky kroon


Do you think you live consciously but are annoyed by the amount of (plastic) waste and junk you collect around you? Then this is the book for you. In The Zero Waste Project, Nicky and Jessie share their twelve most important lessons to develop a sustainable lifestyle and tell about their successes and failures. Bye-bye disposable coffee cups, plastic sandwich bags and pre-packaged cookies. Hello more beautiful world. (Nice is, these girls now have a fantastic beautiful zero waste shop in Amersfoort, where Ana Dyla is also for sale. A must visit when you are in Amersfoort! SMIR Store)

the hidden impact – babbette porcelijn


We have a direct influence on the ecosystem, simply through water use, land use and deforestation, the use of fossil energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Babette describes the things that have the most impact – known and less known. In the three parts – “What is our hidden impact?”, “What are the consequences?”, “How can we solve it?” – she describes the consequences of our behavior that we do not see ourselves. The realization that you get through this book has such an impact on you that after reading you cannot help but change your behavior.

enjoy reading!


Sidenote * Briefly about e-readers and books. An e-reader may last longer than a book, but that does not make it sustainable. Minerals and metals are needed to make e-readers. These are often obtained cheaply from countries where there are few environmental guidelines. A lot of plastic is also used for e-readers, the batteries need to be regularly charged and the wireless network that many e-readers have also requires energy. In addition, e-readers do not last forever and often end up as chemical, non-degradable waste. In comparison, a paper book does not seem so crazy. A natural product made from wood that can be recycled four to six times. Trees can be planted again and again. Do not commit me to this, I have not done enough research to be able to make a real judgment about it.


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