Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewellery

Ana Dyla sustainable ethical jewellery

Ana Dyla is a sustainable jewellery label from the Netherlands. The essence of Ana Dyla is shining with honest jewellery, letting your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. For the production of our jewellery we use recycled silver, gold and honestly found gemstones. Ana Dyla uses the art of nature in the purest form. An unique piece of jewellery created by ancient Ottoman traditions mixed with modern aesthetics.

Jewellery with a story

Translated from Arabic ‘Ana’ means ‘I am me’. Dyla means ‘pure love’ translated from Turkish / Kurdish. In short; Ana Dyla is expressing true love to yourself. In addition, ‘ana’ (or ‘anne’) also means mother in Turkish. Our mother’s name is Fatmana, again the last three letters ‘ana’. So the name is also our manifestation of love for our mother.

Our jewellery is more than just a piece of jewellery. Each of our jewellery has a story. Every piece is unique, pure decoration to wear for a lifetime or to handover to the person you love. Jewellery that makes you and the world a little more beautiful. Ana Dyla is expressing love to yourself, allowing yourself to love. 

Ana, I am me.
Dyla, stands for pure love.
Briefly; Ana Dyla is declaring true love to yourself.


What makes Ana Dyla jewellery ethical?

Most silver and gold mines are in developing countries. 90 % of all miners (think of 25 million people, more than the number of residents in The Netherlands) work there in horrible conditions. Mine keepers violate fundamental human rights and labor rights every day. It is no exception that there is child labor and / or forced labor.

The work is heavy, unhealthy and unsafe. A working day of at least 12 hours is common and there are toxins in rooms where there is little or no ventilation. The toxins are bad for the health of employees but also for the environment, they often leak through to the soil and / or groundwater that flows into the sea. This explains why silver and gold mines are so environmentally harmful to the earth.

Honest jewellery

As you might know, Hatice started Ana Dyla on belief in human rights, labor rights and protecting the environment. Ana Dyla is therefore not only sustainable, but our jewellery is also produced in a fair way. Sustainable, honest jewellery with a story, that is what we stand for. We don’t allow working days than 8 hours, we offer a safe working environment, our silversmiths receive a fair loan, all our employees have an insurance and we guarantee that no children are involved in the production.

Ana Dyla reproduces from silver and gold = sustainable

We make sustainable jewellery from recycled silver and gold. The silver and gold that we use comes from old jewellery that has been cultivated in Istanbul without harmful substances. The jewellery that you wear from Ana Dyla has already had a life and is now starting a second life with you, this time without harming others and the earth.

Handcrafted jewellery

We have the great desire to overcome mass consumption. Our jewellery is produced on a small scale and they are all a bit different. All made by hand by the best, traditional goldsmiths in Anatolia. The gems are also all cultivated by hand. The stones are so delicate and difficult to work with that they can never be the same, which makes them unique. Other parts of the jewellery can also be slightly different (in this case we do not have a ‘perfect’ cause it’s simply is impossible). Luckily we love imperfection and we hope you’ll love it too!

Honestly mined gems

Gemstones are often mined, which is a lot cheaper and more efficient than endless searches on the land. But also on the land you can find the most beautiful stones, the process takes much longer, which makes it more expensive. Our gems are mined locally in various places in Turkey. We use the ‘natural beauty’ of gemstones that are refined by gem cutters in the heart of Anatolia. Each stone is cut and cultivated by hand. In the choices that are made when designing, we follow the stone itself; it’s about the shape, color and appearance of the stone.

Ecological print

We love nature, people and harmony or the 3 Ps: people & planet & peace. Through our love for this Ana Dyla tries to minimize her ecological footprint. The conscious choice for recycled silver and gold, honest mined gems and good working conditions, but we even go one step further. We send our packages as much as possible as letterbox post so that they can be delivered by bicycle (we take the risk that valuable packages will get lost). The jewellery boxes and the boxes where you receive our packages are FSC certified and made from recycled paper. Personally we prefer to enjoy fair trade goodies, coffees and clothing, but more about that another time!

100 fair trade jobs

Ana Dyla likes to share her inspiration for a conscious and loving life. We are committed to creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide, by helping fair workshops grow and ultimately opening new fair workshops as refugee women’s training schools to make them financial independence

Be your unique self!

Ana Dyla, the beauty of the woman sitting inside with a little help from jewellery. It is incredibly important that we enjoy fair, pretty products to make the world more beautiful. Don’t be tempted by mass consumption, live in the here and now. Create your more beautiful conscious world & be your unique beautiful self.

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