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Turkey & gemstones

I was just graduated and with my master’s degree in law, I actually didn’t have a clue about gems (except that I think they are incredibly beautiful). My parents are originally from Turkey and I have always had a special relationship with the country. The craft of jewellery is unprecedentedly good in Turkey and I also knew that gems can be found. However, I had never heard of an active gemstone business in Turkey. My search started full of hope but at the same time I didn’t know where or how to start. After a search of a few weeks, hope was somehow lost. I got through a conversation and finally there was someone who could help me and referred me to a studio where they worked on found gems themselves. Yes, my treasure was found!

In a taxi 1.5 hours outside the city, I had really no idea where I was going and what I would find. The taxi driver asked 3 times if I was sure of the address (which of course made me doubt). Arrived at the address I looked around and I guess that there was a slight doubt on my face. The taxi driver assured me that he would be waiting outside. Let’s go!.


A lot of gemstones

I rang the doorbell and the door was opened by a friendly man around fifties. I was welcomed with open arms in a large open space with lots of stones / large boulders. After a social talk, I carefully dared to ask where the stones were that I came for. Stones of one color, where you already get an instant happy feeling through the color, shimmer and shine. The reaction was quite simple: “well here, just look around you”. I felt a bit stupid up, this was not what I was looking for. Those who know me know that I can draw conclusions really quick and did a small happy dance with the thought that the taxi was probably still outside. I kindly thanked for their time and was already standing with my bag at the door. (Fair enough, I have to learn to be a little more patient and to draw conclusions less quickly).


The gentlemen laughed and asked if they could still have five minutes of my time. Slight doubts but I thought it was too brutal to leave. They asked me to choose a stone – they all looked alike – out of politeness I pointed to a random one.

At that moment there was a complete surprise. The moment the stone went in half, I was blinded by beauty, sparkle, color, everything I was looking for. It was so beautiful and I really had no idea that this was part of the process. Before I knew it they had cut a beautiful chalcedony for me. Full of curiosity, I asked questions all afternoon, met the team and thoroughly enjoyed amethysts, chalcedony, obsidian and quarters. It was so much fun and cozy, full of admiration I have absorbed all knowledge. The most important question for me was where do these stones come from. You can read that in this blog.

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