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Hi there gorgeous woman somewhere in this world,


Let me introduce myself, my name is Hatice founder of Ana Dyla, 33 years young, born & raised in Amersfoort the Netherlands. Jurist and designer of Ana Dyla jewelry, fashion lover, globe trotter, dreamer and observer. And this is my way of finding happiness.


Justice is still not represent in the whole world. From my ideals I went to law school and I never regret this conscious choice. While I was struggling for my master thesis about the ‘independent judiciary versus the right to a fair trail in Turkey’ I had a desire to create honest jewelry with pure gemstones.

Ana Dyla is founded in 2014.


In addition to the concept of justice fashion & style has become complementary in my life. Perhaps for the lack of that one universal trying to do with the apparent surface of the other. Yet it is not true, because it turns out that there was a design passion hiding. In particular, to decorate and shape the contours of my identity and the true art to fathom of elegance. I began to create jewelry in close relationship with gem cutters, the color of the stones inspired me to lift this up to a newer level. Perhaps it was always meant to be, completely unexpected I became a jewelry designer, cause a jewelry is simply the finishing touch but nothing was perfect enough.


The essence of Ana Dyla isn’t to promote ‘wannahaves’. Rather, the point is to shine with the help of some items and let your personality speak. Ana Dyla is a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry inspired by Ottoman style & modern Istanbul crafted by the best silversmiths. How I found the best silversmiths? Endless strumbling down the streets in Turkey. Genesis of Ana Dyla is utilizing the art of nature (gem stones), further refined by local Turkish gem cutters and artisans.  They create one of a kind piece in which the old Ottoman traditions are harmoniously blended with modern design esthetics. Exclusive jewelry made with craft and love guarantees you a complete unique, chic look that will decorate your life. Pureness for all woman.


A strong desire to over win the lack of mass consumption.

Foremost, it is a matter of choice to choose for fair and small-scale products. I hope and do believe that the time of mass consumption is over. What a relief if you know who made your jewelry and that it is made by silversmiths that do love their job and do what they can best and standing in their power with pure craft. Knowing that the gemstones used in your jewelry are found by true gemlovers who don’t work in mines but are looking for gemstones in the wild because they know what unconditional love is. My dream? Create fair jobs all over the world, support craftsmanship with fair loans.


Ana Dyla, the beauty of the woman sitting inside with a little help from outside.

Also, it is more and more relevant that we enjoy the products of the few remaining …. And do not always go along with the mass consumption mentality, live here right now and create your elegance world! Be your unique self.



Hatice Tekin


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