Living more consciously? This is how you make the right choices

1. Write (preferably every day)

By writing you can organize your thoughts on paper. It also helps you gain insight. For example, you can keep a diary in which you briefly describe every evening what you are grateful for that day, or you write in the morning that you hope to enjoy today. In this way you are more aware of what you are experiencing and you can enjoy things twice- at the moment and when you write about it.

2. Reflection, reflection, reflection

You can reflect on virtually everything in your life. On your relationships, your work, your friendships, your behavior, and so on. By regularly reflecting, you become more aware of how you shape your life and you can then consciously choose to do certain things differently. An example: reflect on everything you buy in a week. Are there perhaps a lot of (cheap) items of clothing, plastic products, unhealthy food or unnecessary gadgets in between, while you would actually want to do it differently? Reflecting helps you to become aware of this. You can then make other choices that better fit the values ​​that you consider important.

3. Take a critical look at how you spend your time

Does the television on every night, but would you rather take a nice walk or read a good book? Do you go to every party with your friends, even though you sometimes need a weekend of nothing? Many habits roll into our lives and become part of our rhythm of life. There is nothing wrong with that, unless you need other things than you do now. Therefore, take a critical look at how you are currently spending your precious time. Optionally you can make a list of things that you would like to introduce into your life daily or weekly. You can then schedule these things by exchanging them for habits that you actually want to get rid of. Meditate instead of aimlessly zapping, for example.

4. Focus on breathing

Breathing is something we do every hour, every minute, and every second of the day. And that’s a good thing, because we can’t live without breathing. By focusing on your breathe, you automatically focus on the moment. And living in the moment means conscious living. By being aware of your breathing you bring your attention to the here and now and you can literally stand still for a moment in the chaos of everyday life. You can also make a short meditation exercise here.

Finally, remember: choosing to live a more conscious life is already a wonderful first step towards a conscious lifestyle. You are already aware that it can also be done differently. Then it’s time to explore the options. You have it in you. Good luck!


This blog was originally written in Dutch by Eline Hoffman. Change the language of the website (top right) to read the Dutch version.

Freelance copywriter and editor Eline Hoffman has a weakness for people with a beautiful, powerful, inspiring or moving story. She prefers to write those stories down herself. Whether the words come from the mouth of a child, an entrepreneur, a world improver, a BN person or a 90-year-old; this lady has made attentive listening her hobby and writing stories her work. Conscious living, sustainability, style, music and health are the things in which she prefers to immerse herself. Want to know more about Eline? See her website

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