Pink tourmaline – love yourself first!

Love • Emotional balance • Selflove

Pink tourmaline reminds us that in order to love others, we must first love ourselves. You can use this stone to view yourself, your life and others with a positive mindset. This stone invokes your deepest sense of humanity. It stimulates compassion to help you see the good in everyone, as well as yourself.


You’re worth it!

You’re worthy of live and sometimes you need a small reminder to realize this. Pink tourmaline will enhance your heart chakra to invite that energy of selflove. When your heart chakra is open and balanced, it brings an influx of love, joy and happiness into your life. When your heart chakra is radiating love and compassion at its strongest frequencies, you can spread that loving energy to those around you more and more. Pink tourmaline helps to calm and soothe the heart. Aiding in the improvement of our caring and loving abilities.


Black tourmaline is thought of as the stone of protection, but pink tourmaline is equally protective if it matters your heart and spirit. Pink tourmaline keeps you emotionally balanced. It also makes you less sensitive to the negativity of others.

More pink tourmaline 

When you are feeling unsure of your worth, grab hold of your pink tourmaline to remember that you deserve love. Place this crystal central of you, on your finger, to fill immerse yourself in an environment of loving positivity. Wearing Pink Tourmaline throughout the day also helps to release stress. Promotes commitment and caring. Its soothing pink color can aid efforts to meditate and reflect. Finally, it increases developing sensuality.

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