Purify your Chakras with precious stones: # 1 Root Chakra

First things first: what exactly are Chakras?

The Chakras reflect 7 energy centers in our physical bodies, discovered centuries ago by Indian seers and healers. Officially they have established 114 (!), But the 7 as they are often touched in the yoga class, is the most important. Although Chakras are not tangible – after all, it is energy – sensitive people can feel them. And even if you can’t feel them, everyone is able to balance and activate them at all times.

That’s great, because the 7 Chakras are directly related to the well-being and the life force that we experience. Chakra research therefore leads to an in-depth insight into yourself. It promotes body awareness and a sensed realization that everything is connected. It is a way to learn (recognize) patterns and (back) to stand in your power.

Everything is energy and everything is one

To be able to (understand) the “Chakra system” it is first of all important to assume that everything in and around us consists of energy. Out of vibrations. Objects that in our view consist of matter are seen spiritually as a manifestation of energy. They still vibrate at a certain frequency and are therefore not “fixed”.  
The word “Chakra” can be translated from Sanskrit to wheel or wheel. That is why yogis and meditation teachers often talk about visualizing rotating, colored whirlpools at the front of the spine, along which the Chakras run up. Via the Chakras, we absorb the Cosmic energy to use it for our greatest good. Every Chakra shines light on a certain part of the body and tells us something about how it works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Everything is energy and everything is connected. So a blockage in one Chakra can cause a blockage in another. And if we continue to ignore this, it blocks our daily functioning. We lose contact with the natural flow of life as it is intended (for us).

Root chakra: the stable basis to be YOU

The Root Chakra is located at the end of the spine. This first Chakra stands for survival, safety and grounding. It is our connection with Mother Earth. An energy that has to do with our first necessities of life, such as food, shelter and security. Only when we feel safe can we live freely and be happy deep down.

If your Root Chakra is in balance then you will feel stable, grounded and have a strong will to live. You have faith in the future and you feel connected to yourself, nature and the people around you. From this orientation you can create the life that you want full of (self) confidence and decisiveness. You live in the here and now. Responsive and present.

Imbalance makes anxious and uncertain

If your Root Chakra is out of balance then life on Earth feels like an unsafe place to be. You have little faith in yourself, your future and life itself. Money can be a leading factor in the choices you make, which means that you will be further and further away from yourself and your soul’s desires. Fears make you want to control life and you seek happiness in circumstances and people outside yourself. You cling to creating (material mock) certainties.

● On an emotional level, this can for example be expressed by a lack of self-esteem or decisiveness, existential fears (for loneliness or hurt), depressive feelings, stress, selfishness, controlling or impulsive (destructive) behavior and taking on a victim role.

● On a physical level, it can be reflected, among other things, in a lack of energy, intestinal complaints, constipation, low back pain, cold hands / feet, varicose veins, anemia or changing blood pressure.

    Supporting stones for the Root Chakra

    As I said, we vibrate at a certain energetic vibration frequency. Just like everything around us. The Chakras and also precious stones. This vibration means that stones can be beneficial to our (sense of) well-being. A low vibration can, for example, provide more peace of mind and grounding. And a very high vibration can support you on a spiritual level during meditation to make a better connection with your higher Self.
    Red, black and / or brown stones often work on the frequency of the Root Chakra. Below a number of stones that we are fans of at Ana Dyla:


    • Smoky quartz: Protective, grounding and cleansing for body, mind and soul. Brings relaxation, which makes her suitable for stress, (failure) anxiety and depression complaints. This stone promotes concentration and a positive mindset.
    • Black Tourmaline: Protective and balancing for body and soul. Removes negative energies and helps break through fears, destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns. This stone brings relaxation, confidence and prosperity.
    • Citrine: Promotes self-confidence, self-expression and physical energy. Supported in breaking through fears, destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns. This stone attracts prosperity, success and joy of life.

    Place the stones in your house, use them during a meditation or wear them as a piece of jewelry on your body.


    Rewrite your thought patterns to clear your Root Chakra

    Stones and affirmations go well together when it comes to the process of self-realization. They reinforce each other. The use of affirmations is based on the principle that our brain believes what we tell and show it. Actively repeating encouraging words about yourself influences our subconscious and thereby reprogram old, destructive beliefs so that they can disappear from our system.

    An affirmation is an affirmation of how you WANT to feel, so you don’t have to feel it that way right now. Choose an affirmation – or a combination of several – with which you want to work intuitively. Who can empower you emotionally. Determine to have it resonate in your mind in the coming month. Wherever you are. Fifty times a day is hardly enough – but don’t count! 😉


    • I am worthy, just as I am. And I feel super comfortable in my skin.

    • I am safe and I am guided wherever I am and in whatever situation I am.

    • I’m confident. The Universe is behind me.

    • I choose love over fear.

    • I value myself and feed myself with food, exercise and people that give me energy.

    • I am calm and balanced. Strong and powerful.

    • I am proud of myself and enjoy the life I create.

    • I am full of energy and self-confidence. And I radiate that.

    • Wrong decisions do not exist. I trust my intuition.

    • All the choices I make serve my highest good.

    • Everything comes to me at the right time.

    Your inner work leads to external miracles

    I like to work with mirror notes to constantly confront myself with the affirmation that serves me at that time. That is as simple as: write the words on a note and stick it on your mirror. In addition, try to pick a fixed moment when you speak the affirmation out loud to yourself. For example, immediately after getting up as a boost for your day or after brushing your teeth before you dive into your bed. Does not (yet) pronounce aloud good? You can also write down. This triggers the same brain process.

    Be patient with yourself and enjoy the moments when you suddenly notice that your inner transformation also manifests itself in external actions and events. Enjoy the little miracles that seem to unfold more and more often on your path of life.

    Perhaps unnecessary to mention, but always see the beneficial effects of stones and affirmations as support for a personal (healing) process or dealing with certain high sensitivities, not as a substitute for regular medical treatments for physical and mental complaints.

    This blog was originally written in Dutch by Maike van Ees. Change the language of the website (top right) to read the original Dutch version.

    About Maike

    Maike is a copywriter, awareness teacher, Shiatsu (chair) masseur and Shiatsu therapist in training. Through words, workshops and bodywork she inspires others to self-reflection and awareness. To be able to embrace yourself and life based on love, trust and freedom. So that it can flow. Inside out. You experience how strong your intuition is and that you can trust that life will always work for you if you follow your heart.

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