Purifying negative Karma in 4 steps

‘Verbal, mental and physical Karma are seeds for the future

If you always eat too much, you will gain weight. If you don’t move, your body becomes stiff. If you don’t vacuum, your house will be dusty. All cause and effect. Positive activities generally bring happy experiences and negative activities bring problems and personal suffering. Your actions are the seeds for what manifests in your life.

But the philosophy goes further. Not only physical actions form seeds, but also verbal and mental actions have a Karmic effect. Everything that we do, say and think determines what unfolds in this life – and in future lives for that matter. It is clear that positive Karma is formed by constructive qualities, think of compassion, sincerity, courage, self-control, discipline and the loving treatment of other living beings and nature.

Karma does not only apply to individuals, but also to companies. As Ana Dyla, for example, we produce honest, sustainable and handmade jewellery. That is not something we just do (verbal Karma), it is something that we believe deep down (mental Karma). What we really stand for. Honest jewellery, made with love and worn with love. Cause and effect. That is why we extend our mission to the entire production process as much as possible. We use recycled materials, natural stones instead of mined and we offer all our team members fair loans and insurance (physical Karma).

Buddhist Karma

Personally, I like the most in the Buddhist view of Karma. The Buddhists focus on the liberating potential of the present moment. The Karmic actions from the past belong to the past, we no longer have any influence on them. But in the here and now we always have a choice in what we think, do and say. And that is how we influence our experiences at the moment, and therefore our future.

Mental actions are the most important

Our thoughts precede everything that we do or say. Here the very first seeds are planned for good Karma. We can still make such a big smile, laugh at problems and shout that we are happy, if we do not feel or believe it at the subconscious level, the self-created house of cards collapses sooner or later.

For example, a deep inner conviction of loneliness influences, “no one loves me,” “I always stay alone,” “who wants to be with me,” unaware of how we see the world and what we are calling for. It is in our nature to continuously confirm what we believe “you see.” This means that we attract events with which we constantly revive that ‘desired’ feeling. And this continues until we refute our negative inner beliefs.

Karma is therefore about breaking through unhealthy (mental) habits to put personal suffering in the NOW. To make room for experiencing joy and pleasure.

Why “intention” plays a major role in Karma

The most important ingredients for good Karma are the mental intentions behind our actions. If we act on the basis of fear of a shortage or a need for revenge, then this constitutes destructive Karmic activities and we ultimately harm ourselves. 

Whoever acts on the basis of (self) love, equality and a good intention, acts purely. You may assume that if your intention is pure, your action is also good and the outcome as intended. Even if the consequences are painful or difficult in your eyes, for example if you hurt someone. Letting go goes together with mourning, however “correct” the action or decision may be. We need the dark to see the light (again). To grow yourself and to give another person the opportunity to grow.

Purify negative Karma to experience happiness

Negative Karma is formed by, for example, lying, cheating, gossiping, negative thoughts, manipulating, stealing, showing off, selfishness … you get my point. But also by forgetting yourself love, you create negative Karma “I don’t deserve this.”

This does not mean that you have to experience the consequences of negative Karma for the rest of your life. We all sometimes do something that is not so pure and it is not about rewarding or punishing. It is about the current moment. Being aware that you can choose at any time to change your intention from destructive to constructive.

4 steps to break through Karmic patterns 


By focusing on the four steps below you will learn to break through negative Karmic patterns:

1) Recognize, regret & live through: The Universe wants us to actually live through everything that we have to experience. For this it is important to look into feelings of guilt, sadness and anger in the eyes. They do not stop and do not reject ourselves. Write down your thoughts. Is it the truth? Is there something underneath? Investigate why you react the way you do and also where you feel certain emotions in your body. Recognize patterns and emotional self-torture. And remember that within Karmic philosophy, actions in themselves are never considered “good” or “bad.” They just are.

2) Making changes: We humans are able to refute unholy beliefs by consciously choosing our thoughts. By reprogramming our brain. No matter how deep you are in the pit, no matter how much shit you get on your plate, you always have a choice in the thoughts that you believe. Decide for yourself to no longer go along with negative beliefs and patterns. Working with intentions and affirmations are powerful tools for breaking patterns and letting go of everything that lies behind us. And be gentle with yourself in this process; After all, Rome was not built in one day.

3) Conscious life: In addition to the conscious choices we make, Karma is also about unconscious beliefs, actions and feelings. If you always do everything on autopilot, due to the lack of “presence” you can create seas of unwanted Karma. This is where our challenge lies. Sometimes habits and patterns are so intertwined in our system that we do not even understand how it affects our lives (negatively). Bring them to your conscious world by regularly reflecting on what you do. Is it still in line with who you are and how you want to live?

4) Responsibility and trust: You are the only person responsible for happiness in your life. Without exception. Always. Point. We are all blessed with the powerful internal guide called intuition. If we learn to sail on this and trust it, then an inner strength comes up with which you can create exactly the life that you want.

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About Maike

Maike is a copywriter, awareness teacher, Shiatsu (chair) masseur and Shiatsu therapist in training. Through words, workshops and bodywork she inspires others to self-reflection and awareness. To be able to embrace yourself and life based on love, trust and freedom. So that it can flow. Inside out. You experience how strong your intuition is and that you can trust that life will always work for you if you follow your heart.

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