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Fair shops, Eco hotels and vegan restaurants; Amsterdam has it all. This heaven for conscious people has everything you wish for, and a little more. (I might be a little biased as I live in the Dam) Let me take you on a fun day through Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is easy to reach by train and that is exactly where we will start our day, Amsterdam Central station. We all know that strolling through cities is exhausting, therefor we will fuel ourselves with a healthy power brunch at Vinnies (Haarlemmerstraat 46). They have an all day breakfast menu so you can take it slow, there is no need to hurry. There are some conscious stores where you can pop by easily as Nukuhiva (#36) and Sukha (#110).

When we have spent enough time at the Haarlemmerstraat we will continue our day walking alongside the beautiful canals to the Nine Streets. A shopping area with loads of vintage shops, some a little overpriced, but I bet you find a one of a kind piece you would not find anywhere else. For a little refreshment and a small bite we will stop by the new hotspot House of Natur (Prinsengracht 455). Some cold pressed juices and banana bread never hurt nobody. Fun fact: they grow their own fruit and vegetables, how cool is that!
After this I think we have done more than enough shopping. It’s time to go to one of the museums but it might be a better idea to pop by De Hortus (Plantage Middenlaan 2a).
This place definitely made a comeback and is hotter than ever before. Surrounding yourself with plants will bring you into an oasis of peace and I can guarantee we all need a bit of peace after a long day in this crowded city.



Ending our day with a good meal is as important as starting with a healthy brunch. (I’m a foodie, can you tell?) Therefor we have some nice sustainable dinner options. When you want to go all out and have nice proper dinner you could try De Kas (Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3) in the East of Amsterdam. In this restaurant they cook with the ingredients they grow their selves. If you have difficulties finding an easy restaurant for people that want to eat different cuisines, I would suggest Spirit (Czaar Peterstraat 2a). With their eco and vegetarian buffet, there will be something for everyone.

These are just a few of our favorite hotspots, but of course there are many more.
What is your conscious go-to place in Amsterdam?



Meet Stephanie. An optimistic lady on a conscious mission! She started Let’s talk slow a couple of years ago an we’re happy she shares her conscious tips also with us. Follow her on instagram.

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