Sustainable Fashion Gift Card

why is there a sustainable fashion gift card?

Nobody should doubt a good gift.

More than half of people think it is important that their clothing is sustainable, but only 14% actually try to wear sustainable clothing. We want to bridge this gap. That is why we make it easy to give a beautiful and good fashion gift with the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card. With the gift card you support the fashion revolution that is necessary to make the fashion industry more sustainable, and at the same time you invest in fashion pioneers who are committed to a better fashion industry every day.

When you want to redeem your gift card, you will discover which sustainable clothing choices you have. From beautiful sustainable brands of talented young designers, to clothing libraries, style coaches, and more. And no, sustainable fashion is not always expensive. You can give a nice gift that is good for as little as 15 euros.

The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card proves that sustainable fashion can be accessible to a wide audience.

How does the sustainable fashion gift card work?

At online shops you can add your unique gift card number in the check out. You then pay directly with the SFGC. At a number of online shops you need to exchange the SFGC first for a promotional code. If this is the case, this is indicated on the page of the affiliated fashion pioneer on the SFGC website. At physical locations you can hand over the gift card or print it out via PDF on your phone.

why are we affiliated with sustainable fashion gift card?

We hope that choosing for sustainability becomes the common and above all become very accessible to everyone. We hope to make a difference in the world in which everything has to be done quickly in a rush, including our choices. With the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card, the gift card purchaser makes the first conscious choice. This makes it easier for the recipient t to choose well. The preselection has been made so thoroughly by the team of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card that the choice is always sustainable & fair!

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