The three best conscious fashion films on Netflix

How can we not spend the night with Netflix? Some of these films might help inspire your wardrobe, your career or just make you conscious about what it’s worth. All are worth carving out some time for in the following days. At the very least, they’ll give you things to discuss with your fashionable peers while you stand in line, after line, after line. Get your small talk talking points ready!

Iris Apfel is what I call a statement. Not perse conscious but we just adore her! This woman shows off and that on every age. Amazing how she can create her own recognizable style. What would fashion be without Iris? Fashion would be a lot less colorful, that’s for sure. This documentary follows the 93-year-old legend while she shops, shows off her incredible collection of accessories and clothes, and discusses the quirks of life.

The True Cost
Not a feel good movie at all, but my o my this movie opens eyes (hearts and minds). Exposing the impact fast fashion can have on the people who make the clothes and planet, The True Cost reminds viewers that their affordable clothing actually comes at a steep price. Painfull but absolute a must to see!

Hip-hop clothing has been copied and recycled time and time again. Fresh Dressed explores the origins of the black-led style and outlines its evolution into mainstream territory.

Do you know other inspiring conscious fashion movies? Please share them with us!

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