Three full moon rituals to enrich your life

Full moon ritual for more love

For this ritual you do not only use the power of the full moon, but also the rose quartz. This crystal attracts harmonious love and friendship relationships and opens the heart to receive love.
The ritual works as follows: create a peaceful and quiet space, light candles and possibly use essential oils. Think about your desires in love and visualize the way you would like to welcome more love into your life. Then write this on paper and put the rose quartz on the paper on which your desire is written. Use the moment afterwards to meditate and connect the power of the full moon to your love ritual.

Full moon ritual for more space

Cleaning up during the full moon is an ideal way to create new space, both literally and figuratively. Because the full moon is all about releasing, cleaning up is extra powerful at that time. By tidying up your living environment and thus ridding your wardrobe, kitchen drawers or bathroom of things that you no longer need, you reduce noise in your life. And that in turn provides new space and fresh, clean energy.

Full moon ritual for releasing negativity

Full moon is the ideal moment to let go of obstructing beliefs and fears. One way to release negativity is to let water work for you. That can be in the form of a shower, bath or rain shower, but it can also be your tears that rid you of (old) emotional pain.

Before you take a liberating shower or take a walk through the rain, it is important to write down everything that currently stands in your way. That can be anything: do you, for example, want to get rid of your maddening uncertainty or is there someone around you who gives you a negative feeling? Then feel what happens to your emotions when you visualize these negative things. You may become angry, frustrated or sad. Or rather combative and determined to no longer be guided by these factors.

You can then wash away this negativity by means of a warm bath, extensive shower, a walk in the rain or by draining your tears. In this way (old) negativity makes room for positive things. The full moon adds extra force to this promotion.

Do you want to know more about full moon rituals and how you can apply the magic of the moon in your own life? Yasmin Boland is a world-renowned astrologer and writer has developed a form of astrology with which you can make the moon work for you in an accessible and practical manner. You can read more about Moonology on her website.

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