Size chart

RING size chart

No clue what your exact ring size is? Hopefully this chart will help you out. If you have an existing ring that is a comfortable fit on your finger and doesn’t slip off your knuckle, then that would be perfect to find your ring size.

How to measure ring size:
Step 1 – Print out the ring size chart at 100%.
Step 2 – Place your ring so that the black circle is exactly touching the inside of your ring. This will give you your correct ring sizing.
* Sizes in the ring size guide chart are in U.S. sizes and ring size measurements are in millimeters.

Click here to print the size chart!

See here the ringsize chart ana dyla in different country options.

Ring size conversion chart
We use U.S. sizes when making our jewellery, but in the shop you can find the EU sizes. So if you know your ring size it can be easily converted using the ring size conversion chart below. When placing an order, please choose the EU size.
When in doubt, we recommend choosing a ring size that is slightly larger, rather than smaller, especially if the ring is a surprise. You’ll want the ring to fit on, even if it’s not a perfect fit.


NO printer? No worries, you can easily measure your own ring size.

You can measure your ringside by yourself, it’s very easy so you can order the right size. What do you need:

– A ring that fits right or a piece of paper or rope & a ruler

Measure your ring size with a ring

Take a small ring that fits perfect and which is max 3 mm wide. Bigger/ wider rings will give you a wrong idea of your ring size. And then follow the next two steps: 1. Put a ruler under the ring. Place the inside of the ring at 0 centimeters. 2. Read on the other inside of the ring the diameter of the ring in millimeters. This amount of millimeters is your ring size.

Measure ring size with a string

Do you not have a ring that fits well? In that case, take a string or a piece of paper, wrap it around your finger and cut it through where the ends touch each other. Measure the length of the string or paper with a ruler: This number of millimeters is the perimeter of your finger. In the image above you can see what size is in your fingertips. For example, your finger circumference is 53 millimeters, then you have size 17.

If you are looking for something specific or need help determining the correct ring size, please contact us. We are happy to help you!